Drinkable Nano Lutein+ is patented in the USA and Japan!


Golden Berry Pancakes

Golden Berry Pancakes

From Scratch: 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour 2 servings Drinkable Nano Curcumin+ 3 ½ teaspoons baking powder ¼ teaspoon salt, or more to taste 1 tablespoon white sugar 1 ¼ cups milk 1 egg 3 tablespoons butter, melted 1 cup of blueberries A handful of blackberries and/or strawberries Syrup of choice Using Pre-Made Mix (This is the Shudd […]

Apple Ginger Zinger recipe

Ingredients: 8 fl oz Apple Juice (preferably Unfiltered and Organic) 1 serving Drinkable Nano Ginger+ Optional: One tsp of Honey, to add some extra sweet to the heat! Directions: 8 fl oz Apple Juice (preferably Unfiltered and Organic) 1 serving Drinkable Nano Ginger+ Optional: One tsp of Honey, to add some extra sweet to the […]

Golden parfait recipe

Golden parfait recipe

Ingredients: 2 cups of Greek yoghurt 1 serving Drinkable Nano Curcumin+ 1 serving Drinkable Nano Lutein+ ½ cup of Golden Raisins ¼ cup of Slivered Almonds 2 tbsp Raspberry Preserves Optional: Sliced Banana and/or Berries of Choice Directions: This awesome treat works as either a wonderful breakfast or a delightfully decadent (but still healthy!) snack.  […]

Our 3 Favorite Moving Meditations

Moving meditations

Do you want to start meditating but are not keen on sitting still? Here are our top three favorite forms of “moving” meditation! Tai Chi Tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition and a truly beautiful form of exercise. Utilizing a series of movements performed in a mindful manner, while accompanied by deep breathing, Tai […]

3 Easy Tips for Meditation

  Have you been trying to start meditating, but don’t know where to begin? Well, here are 3 easy tips for meditation to help get you started:   Don’t forget to breathe! Starting meditation can be an overwhelming experience at times; with racing thoughts, doubt and uncertainty, and the constant thoughts of “am I doing […]

Shudd Team’s protein smoothie recipe

If you’re looking for a tasty en easy way to get a Super Food, here’s our delicious Shudd Team’s protein smoothie recipe, that will help you to get all the nutrients you need for a long and hard day. Ingredients: 20 fl oz Liquid Base (any milk, alternative milk, or even just some water!) 1 […]

Ways to Strengthen the Immune System in Winter

  The cold season has arrived, while the COVID-19 continues to hover as well. Today, more than ever, you need to wash your hands properly, stay hydrated, and get enough rest; plus, in addition to the above recommendations, it is good to consume foods and supplements that strengthen our immune system naturally.   Include Broccoli […]

Genuine Ginger: The Realities of the Root

Ginger is another superfood that has been consumed all over the world for many centuries, just like turmeric. Even with its worldwide fame, Ginger still continues to surprise us with its genuinely incredible benefits!   What, exactly, is Ginger? Ginger is the stem of a plant called Zingiber Officinale, native to the Indian Subcontinent and […]

Ideas to Add a Healthy Spin to Breakfast!

  Breakfast is frequently called “the main meal of their day.” As its name implies, breakfast breaks down the fasting interval happening while we sleep. It hastens the sourcing of critical natural sugars, enhancing your energy and endurance levels while also providing other crucial nutrients required for a healthy body. Breakfast supplies a good deal […]

Real Benefits: Unlocking Curcumin from Turmeric

  Surely you have seen the bright yellow-gold powder, which for some years now has become ubiquitous in doctors’ offices, supplements sections of stores, cafes, and gyms across the United States. You can find it in smoothies, coffees, or even in more elaborate dishes. This powder is called turmeric. As you might guess, it is […]

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