Drinkable Nano Lutein+ is patented in the USA and Japan!


Golden parfait recipe


2 cups of Greek yoghurt

1 serving Drinkable Nano Curcumin+

1 serving Drinkable Nano Lutein+

½ cup of Golden Raisins

¼ cup of Slivered Almonds

2 tbsp Raspberry Preserves

Optional: Sliced Banana and/or Berries of Choice


This awesome treat works as either a wonderful breakfast or a delightfully decadent (but still healthy!) snack.  To start, put the yoghurt in a bowl or glass and mix in the Curcumin and Lutein. The creamy yoghurt will turn a beautiful golden color! Now top decoratively, in a way that looks appetizing to you (feel free to get creative!) with the raisins and almonds. Dollop in the Raspberry preserves on one side. Optionally, if you are feeling especially peckish, add sliced banana and/or your choice of favorite berries.

All that’s left now is to grab a big spoon and dig in! Enjoy!

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