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Our 3 Favorite Moving Meditations

Do you want to start meditating but are not keen on sitting still?

Here are our top three favorite forms of “moving” meditation!

  • Tai Chi

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition and a truly beautiful form of exercise. Utilizing a series of movements performed in a mindful manner, while accompanied by deep breathing, Tai Chi truly is meditation in motion. A brilliant way to center your mind and increase your circulation at the same time, practicing Tai Chi is a great way for everyone – young, old, athletic, and couch potatoes alike! – to move their way into a mindful state!

  • Hiking

Hiking, or even just walking, out in nature is a time-honored and classic form of meditation. Truly, just breathing in some fresh air and being surrounded by natural beauty can be one of the most spectacularly refreshing and productive forms of meditation. You’ll be surprised how rejuvenated you feel and how calm your mind becomes after an invigorating hike!

  • Swimming

Swimming as a form of meditation has even been covered by a 2017 New York Times article; really, taking a dip and working on your backstroke can definitely be considered a form of moving meditation! A low-impact exercise, swimming gives ample opportunity to become better in tune with your body and mind. We encourage you to slip into the water to try this form of moving meditation and watch your racing thoughts simply drift away!

We hope our 3 favorite moving meditations encourage you to start your own meditation journey! For your other journey, towards Purest Health, check out our uniquely potent supplements at https://shuddhealth.com/shop/!

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