Drinkable Nano Lutein+ is patented in the USA and Japan!




Drinkable Nano Curcumin+ Distinctive Features:

• Our All-Natural Extraction Process Creates Superior
• A Nanoparticle Size Supports Efficient and Effective
Body Absorption
• The Liposomal Formulation Causes a Higher Plasma
• Just 100% Curcumin!

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Shudd Purest Health Drinkable Nano Curcumin+ is the New Gold Standard for curcumin; with the highest absorption rate of any curcumin available today, our curcumin is 24x more bioavailable, instantly water dispersible, and has No-Taste!


Our Drinkable Nano Curcumin+ owes its creation to an all-natural, proprietary, and revolutionary process which allows us to extract curcumin purely and efficiently using green ethanol, without the need for any synthetic chemicals. As a result, the particle size of Drinkable Nano Curcumin+ is significantly finer in comparison to average curcumin. As a result, Shudd curcumin is 24x more bioavailable than the current market leading curcumin!


Curcumin, as it predominantly processed today, is difficult for the body to naturally absorb. Moreover, standardized curcumin is relatively insoluble in water, and is therefore not easily consumed in a manner that supports its bioavailability. Our revolutionary process for extracting curcumin elevates and enhances its bioavailability far beyond the capabilities of standardized curcumin! Thus, while when standardized curcumin is consumed orally, all the health benefits essentially get left at the door, with Shudd, you get the complete benefits of curcumin with no wasted potential!


By mixing Drinkable Nano Curcumin+ — which is the only curcumin available that has No-Taste — into Water, Juice, Smoothies, Tea/Coffee, or Salad Dressings, this bountiful health aid can become a part of anyone’s daily lifestyle. With an unlimited cornucopia of benefits, adding a bit of our Drinkable Nano Curcumin+ to water, a smoothie, or a meal, and taking it as a daily supplement, ensures that the amazing effects of Curcumin serve as a never-ending source of health and joy!


Drinkable Nano Curcumin+ has incredible benefits, and because it’s tasteless, whatever you add it to will remain delicious – no more bitter turmeric taste!

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30gm (1.05 OZ) – 60 Servings, 60gm (2.1 OZ) – 120 Servings, One pound bag (454 gm) – 907 Servings, ½ pound bag (230gm) – 460 Servings


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