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Real Benefits: Unlocking Curcumin from Turmeric


Surely you have seen the bright yellow-gold powder, which for some years now has become ubiquitous in doctors’ offices, supplements sections of stores, cafes, and gyms across the United States. You can find it in smoothies, coffees, or even in more elaborate dishes. This powder is called turmeric.

As you might guess, it is sourced from the turmeric root, known scientifically as Curcuma Longa. Inside turmeric is a natural biochemical called Curcumin, which gives the plant its characteristic color and anti-inflammatory properties. But knowledge of the turmeric root, and the incredible Curcumin within, is not new; turmeric has been used for many centuries as a textile dye, an ingredient in cooking, and a medicine to treat various ailments. Still, what do we really know about the health benefits of turmeric, and more specifically, Curcumin?


A substance studied for many years

As we mentioned, for thousands of years, turmeric has been used to treat arthritis, stomach issues, along other health problems in conventional medicine, due to the amazing power of Curcumin. Still, does it really offer you any specific therapeutic results? And, can it really boost health?

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In recent decades, scientists have seen increasingly positive responses, with many research examples having detailed the specific benefits of Curcumin and defined the parameters of its use as an exceptional health aide on our bodies.

One study even found that Curcumin had the potential to shrink cancer tumors or impede their growth. As stated by the American Cancer Society, Curcumin has been shown to kill cancer cells, but merely in lab dishes and results in clinical trials have not yet been published. Why?


Overcoming methodological problems

It is estimated that scientific investigators are currently carrying out or have tested hundreds of clinical trials on Curcumin’s effects, Medical X-Press reported. But studying turmeric, and the effects of Curcumin on humans, had, until recently, not been an easy task.

There are two main reasons for this: Curcumin is a substance full of molecules that initially confused scientists in the laboratory. In other words, it was difficult to establish control in any research with this substance. The other major methodological problem was the low bioavailability that this substance has directly from the turmeric root when consumed by humans.

Thankfully, solving this low bioavailability issue is where we come in! 🙏🏼 🙂  

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